We are getting dozens of phone calls from resident’s families asking what they should do about their loved ones in nursing homes. Several claim that their loved ones are not getting the care they need. Same thing is happenening all over the country.  I read an article from a San Antonio with similar complaints.

I think we’ve dropped the ball in all nursing homes,” said Stefanie Taylor, who made the tough decision to move her 76-year old mother, Charlotte Wood into a nursing home recently.   “I like I’ve literally thrown her to the lions’ den,” Taylor said.

Taylor says her mother tested positive for COVID-19 and was moved to a designated wing at the Guadalupe Valley Nursing Center. When she called one morning for an update, she spoke with a staff member.

There was not a nurse assigned to the COVID unit for the day shift,” the staff member told her.  A nurse wasn’t present in the COVID wing from 10 Friday night until 10 the next morning.  The center is clearly understaffed.

Her words were they were having trouble finding staff that wanted to work with a COVID positive patient,” Taylor said. “I felt like my mother and those other patients were in imminent danger at that point.”

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