Our Firm Will:

  • Handle your case zealously and competently, in accordance with the highest standards of the legal profession.
  • Act always with utmost ethics, and abide scrupulously by the code of ethics of the profession.
  • Treat you with respect, dignity and courtesy.
  • Preserve all client confidences learned during our attorney-client relationship.
  • Honor, respect and preserve constitutional rights and civil rights of all citizens regardless of race, religion, creed or national origin.
  • Insist on full and just compensation for our clients.
  • Utilize honesty and fairness in all of our dealings for and with our clients.
  • Diligently prepare all cases we accept, so that no opponent will ever defeat us because it is bigger or richer, works harder, or fights harder.
  • Champion the cause of those who deserve redress for injury to person or property.
  • Promote the public good through concerted efforts to secure safe products, a safe workplace, a clean environment, and quality health care.

Please see below for some documents which may help you in your situation. However, please note that these documents are samples and may not apply in all situationsWe encourage you to find an attorney to assist you in creating legal documents that cover your exact circumstances.