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If you are looking for general information on health care, you can visit these web sites. This information can include reference resources and tutorials related to general health care subjects. These great resources can help you become a better nurse.

Nursing: The Resources in Nursing guide from the UCLA library is a great place to start for tutorials and reference.

The “Virtual” Nursing Center: Martindale’s presents this nursing center complete with resources for different nursing specialties and more.

The Nursing Theory Page: The University of San Diego offers helpful information and tutorials about nursing theories.

Barbara Bates Center for the Study of Nursing History: Learn more about the history of nursing, see collaborations and projects and find out more information about nursing.

HIMSS: This is a site aimed at health care technology and informatics. Tutorials on informatics and more are available through this site.

Center for Nursing Classification & Clinical Effectiveness: General information on nursing, and how to increase effectiveness.

The Nursing Reference Center: Find out more about nursing, and get access to information and tutorials on a number of health care subjects.

Medscape Nurses: Tutorials, headlines, and general information that nurses are likely to find useful.

Nursing Center: Reports, general information, how-tos and tutorials related to nursing and health care.

The Learning Nurse:  Resources designed to help you with your development as a nurse. Tutorials, quizzes and more to help you improve your career.

Evidenced-Based Practice Tutorial: Penn State offers information on evidence-based nursing.

Nursing Tutorials: Information on how to dose, as well as other tutorials related to nursing.

Case Studies: Some of the best tutorials are in the form of case studies. Use these case studies to see how others have handled certain situations, and learn how you might respond in a similar situation. Great insights and practical advice.

Medical Case Studies: This open access journal allows you to read about different medical case studies.

National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science: A number of health care case studies, as well as other science cases.

Online Case Studies: Great tutorial insight from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.

Pulmonary Case Studies: Tutorials that can help you learn about different pulmonary conditions and problems.

International Pathology Laboratory for Medical Education: Plenty of case studies and tutorials designed for health care professionals.

Integrated Medical Curriculum: Offers a look at case studies and tutorials — once you complete your free registration. Interactive and highly useful.

PRIME: Different case studies and resources related to different health care professions.

Teaching File: Case studies that nurses and other health care professionals can use. Focuses mainly on radiology.

Clinical Cases: Use these case studies to test your knowledge and abilities.

Free Case Study: Read about what others have done in the past. Great real life tutorials, as well as help on writing your own case study to help others.

Treatment Plans:  One of the things a nurse needs to know how to do is create a treatment plan. These sites provide tutorials on creating treatment plans, as well as information on how to take care of different conditions and help patients. Great for those looking to better treat their patients.

Nursing Care Plan: Nursing Crib offers care plan ideas and tutorials. Learn how to make nursing care plans, search the library, and get access to forms.

Comprehensive Nursing Care Plans: You can get access to free sample plans, as well as free documents. Learn everything you need to know about nursing care plans.

MS Patient: This great sample plan provides you with an idea of how to create your own nursing care plan for a patient with MS.

Nursing Care Plans: Acts as a tutorial in creating your own treatment plan. A great resource.

Nursing Care Plan Resources: Includes a great tutorial on how to write a nursing care plan, and other good information.

Nursing care plan sample: Scribd offers a great sample of a nursing care plan. Perfect for using as a template for your own.

Plan of Care and Treatment Plan Tutorial: Figure out the basics of treatment plans, and write your own as needed.

Clinicals: Care Plans: A helpful guide to creating a care plan, and doing it right.

Health Care Law, Policy, Ethics and Best Practices:  Tutorials on health care law issues, as well as information on ethics and best practices, can be useful for any nurse or health care worker. Learn about your liability, and what is expected of you. Make sure that you are following best practices. The following web sites will help you do just that.

Tutorials & Presentations: This great resource from Kaiser Family Foundation can offer you help in understand health care policy and law.

Race, Health Care and the Law: A free tutorial from ProProfs WebSchool.

The New Health Care Law: The Basics: Understand the basics of health care reform and the new law.

Health Care and Social Law – US: Learn more about health care law in the U.S., and its implications.

Health Care Ethics Research Guide: You can use this research guide and tutorial to learn more about ethics issues in health care.

Health Care Ethics: This research toolkit points you to tutorials, resources and more related to health care ethics.

Tutorial Videos: Great tutorials using dynamic modeling for health care.

Health Insurance Simplified: As a health care professional, you should know the basics of health insurance. This tutorial can help you see how it works.

10 Best Practices for Patient Safety: This great tutorial post from Nursing Notes offers insight into practices and ethics.