Charleston’s Counton2 reported that an employee at Twin Oaks Assisted Living Facility in North Charleston was arrested on sexual assault charges.  Nathaniel J. Richardson would sneak into the 80-year old female victim’s room and sexually assault her in various ways that included lifting her shirt and biting her chest. Court papers say there is photographic evidence from bite wounds.

State Law Enforcement background check shows he has a criminal record going back years.  It includes arrests for threatening the life of a public official, resisting arrest, criminal domestic violence and armed robbery. The background check showed he received a 5-year sentence at Lieber Prison for that conviction.


Norman Spence Daniels has been charged with first degree sexual abuse. The incident involves Daniels and another resident at the Elba Nursing and Rehabilitation Center where he lives. The nursing home and the incident are being investigated by the Elba Police Dept., 12th Judicial Court District Attorney’s Office, and the Alabama Dept. of Forensic Sciences. Further charges could be pending.  See article at the Elba Clipper.

A Certified Nursing Assistant, CNA, at the Ann Pearl Nursing Facility in Kaneohe,HI was arrested for three counts of sexual assault. He allegedly attacked a 78 year old woman in May. The 25 year old’s bail has been set at $25,000.  See article at The Star Advertiser.

The Orchard House Nursing Home in Belfast recently reported an alleged assault to the police. The sexual assault has been neither confirmed or denied, but police are conducting an investigation, and the Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority (RQIA) has been notified. Authorities said there have been a string of break ins in the area and the home has an open door policy. They say that if an incident did occur, it’s likely that an intruder got into the home. The home has a good reputation in the area. Authorities are still investigating, and have not definitively concluded whether an incident even occurred. Regardless, the home has stepped up security and is reviewing their open door policy.
See article at BBC.

The Kansas City Star reported that Brian D. Schmidt, a Merriam nursing facility employee, has been charged with sexually assaulting a resident.  He was charged with one felony count of aggravated sexual battery for an alleged incident involving a 46-year-old woman.

The incident occurred Nov. 11 at the Trinity Nursing & Rehab Center. According to court documents, the victim was “overcome by force or fear or was physically powerless” to resist the alleged sexual touching.


The Times Union reported that Michael Levine, the owner of the Loudonville Home for Adults, is denying that he knew that Richard Ragone was a convicted rapist before he hired him as a maintenance man.  Ragone has been arrested for sexually abusing a 91-year-old woman at the home.

Richard Ragone was a Level 3 sex offender who spent more than 16 years in prison for rape and sodomy.  He was hired by the home in 2008 — the same year he came off parole–despite the fact that Levine admits that the home conducts criminal background checks.

In 1984, Ragone was convicted of first-degree rape, sodomy and attempted sexual abuse and sentenced to 12½ to 25 years in prison for victimizing a 43-year-old woman in Saratoga County.


ABC7 in L.A. had a disturbing story about an elderly woman who was sexually attacked at a Emeritus Senior Living nursing home.  Now investigators say there could be more victims. David Moreno was an employee at Emeritus Senior Living who has been charged with sexually assaulting a 69-year-old disabled woman.  Police were able to get physical evidence from the scene that linked them to the suspect.


Rhode Island’s NBC 10 news station reported that Herbert Nursing Home in Smithfield is facing a lawsuit brought by three former employees.  A nurse and two certified nursing assistants are suing the facility, saying that they were harassed while working there because they reported a case of sexual abuse.

The staff members informed the health department that a resident of the facility was being sexually molested by her daughters. The health department investigated and cited the nursing home for violations.  As punishment for reporting the abuse, the three staff members were harassed by fellow facility workers and had their hours cut to the extent that they were not making a livable salary. The stress of the situation caused the workers to quit.

It is extremely disheartening that many nursing homes, like this one, are more concerned with covering themselves than protecting and caring for their residents.

The Gaston Gazette reported that Gastonia Police were called to the Brian Center twice within four days.  Brian Center is owned and operated by Sava Senior Care.  According to Gastonia Police, the facility’s administrator reported a man called him over the phone and threatened to do him bodily harm. Brian Center Administrator Randy Smithey identified Cedric Eugene Dameron as the man who threatened him. Dameron was charged with communicating threats. The Gastonia man was charged with the same offense in 2010. 

Gastonia Police were also called to the facility when an employee reported a sexual assault involving a worker and a resident.  According to the incident report, a Brian Center nurse sexually assaulted a 54-year-old woman on Sunday at 1:42 a.m.


In the article Criminals in Nursing Homes, it was stated that federal data had found up to 90 percent of all nursing homes employ people who have been convicted of at least one crime.   A nursing home should be a safe environment for its residents and ensure that they are in a facility that will tend to their needs and ensure they live a comfortable life. Sadly, for millions of nursing home residents, nursing home abuse and neglect at the hands of criminal employees is a reality.

There are several indications that nursing home abuse or neglect has taken place. Some of these signs are physical in nature such as unexplained bruises, broken bones, or skin tears and cuts. Others will be emotional such as aggravation, depression, and unusual behaviors.  These are typically the result of inadequate staff to care for its residents or violent predators who have been hired by a nursing home inflicting intentional harm on your loved one.

We need a nationwide standard requiring nursing homes to conduct a criminal background check and not to hire those with records for any violent behavior or drug abuse.