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ThinkProgress had the Top Ten Travesties Justice.  See which one you believe is the biggest travesty.

Rick Shapiro listed the Top Ten Civil Justice Stories of 2013.

Number 8 was Nursing Home Failures.

8. Nursing Homes Fail Patients Across the Country

The demand for nursing homes is increasing every year, but it appears that many nursing homes are being run poorly, with too much attention to cost-cutting, and not enough on patient safety. More than 1.5 million Americans live in our nation’s nursing homes and, over the next decade, that number is expected to increase by 40 percent as baby boomers become long-term care consumers. Unfortunately, a new report published by Families for Better Care shows that 90% of nursing homes are deficient. To make matters worse, many families are being forced to give up their right to take their case to court even if their family member is severely injured or killed due to blatant neglect and malpractice. How? Through fine print in the nursing home placement papers that mandates “nursing home arbitration”. No right to a trial to a jury, instead a process that lacks many constitutional safeguards of the civil justice system put in place by the founding fathers of the United States.

What Did We Learn?

A congressional report found that 30 percent of nursing homes in the United States — 5,283 facilities — were cited for almost 9,000 instances of abuse over a two-year period. The most common problems included untreated bedsores, inadequate medical care, malnutrition, dehydration, preventable accidents, and inadequate sanitation and hygiene, the report said. To add insult to injury, more nursing home corporations are using mandatory arbitration clauses as a way to avoid transparency and accountability for their negligence. Inserted in the fine print of lengthy admission documents, many families are stunned and unaware they signed away their constitutional rights to trial by jury until something tragic happens, and then it’s too late.

Nursing homes receive more than $75 billion from government programs like Medicare and Medicaid. When residents in these programs are injured as a result of neglect or sub-standard medical care, and nursing homes ultimately pay for the harms and losses, Medicare and Medicaid end up covering any additional medical costs of the resulting treatments. Its a vicious cycle and that is why requiring accountability and attention to patient health and safety must be the paramount goal of the civil justice system vis-à-vis nursing home care. Perhaps the U.S. Supreme Court will address the inequities in not only nursing home “mandatory arbitration” admission agreements, but in mandatory arbitration clauses creeping into nearly every consumer credit card, banking, and other financial agreement.


SCNow had another editorial article about the horrendous odors emitted from Lee County Landfill.

Consequently, it’s easy to see the point of the plaintiffs in the Lee County Landfill lawsuit, which returned to court this week for a few necessary clarifications, prior to an appeal. The plaintiffs in question, three couples, purchased lands and built homes long before the giant dump off Interstate 20 began accepting waste in 1994. Time passed and a huge pile of trash – some locals refer to the man-made feature as “Mt. Lee” – arose from the plain outside of Bishopville. Then it got hot and the trash, as trash is wont to do, began to emit a powerful odor. Motorists who regularly ply the I-20 stretch between Florence and Columbia can commiserate. It’s more common than not to catch a whiff of freshly minted landfill fumes when passing by the Highway 15-501 exit.”

Part of the issue in Lee County is that the landfill far exceeds the needs of tiny Lee. Most of the trash that goes into the Lee County landfill is from outside the county, much of it from outside the state. Some of it is from far outside the state – New York City. There’s something that’s just a little galling about those Yankees using a part of our state as a trash can.”

The State newspaper also had an article which reported the following:

“Six neighbors of the Lee County landfill won a stunning $2.3 million court verdict last year, when a federal jury agreed that powerful odors from the dump had escaped the site and affected nearby residents.”

“The case is considered unusual because odor lawsuits don’t typically go to trial for a verdict, but instead are settled, attorneys said.”

“But Gary Poliakoff, an attorney for the landfill’s neighbors, called those arguments “ludicrous,’’ saying the 2012 court decision is a strong lesson to industries to control odors that might affect nearby residents.  During last year’s trial in U.S. District Court in Columbia, landfill neighbors said the smells were so strong and nauseating that they sometimes could not have outdoor cookouts or garden in their yards. In one instance, neighbors who went outside to view a colorful rainbow fled back into the house because of the landfill’s stench, according to testimony. One resident likened the landfill to a “monster’’ that haunted the neighborhood.”

“Poliakoff said if the $2.3 million court award is overturned, people would not be able to collect more than token damages from industries, no matter how strong the odors are.“The U.S. Chamber always wants to express concern when it thinks some huge corporation is going to be hurt,’’ Poliakoff said Monday. “But the effect of these landfills, especially the one in Lee County, is they kill local business. They kill property values for people who live around them. They create economic dead zones.’’

“Republic Services, one of the nation’s largest garbage corporations, is the parent company of a local firm that owns the Lee County landfill. The mega dump, along Interstate 20 near Bishopville east of Columbia, is permitted to take more waste than any other dump in the state, much of it from other states. It is a destination for trash from states as far away as New Jersey and New York, which ship rail cars of rotting garbage to the 140-foot tall disposal site.”

“Poliakoff and other critics of the Lee County landfill say it is symbolic of South Carolina’s long legacy of catering to the waste industry. As nuclear and radioactive dumps have scaled back operations, the household garbage industry still is keenly interested in expanding in South Carolina, he said. At the same time, officials in New Jersey have expressed interest in shipping lightly radioactive soil to the Lee County landfill for disposal.”


SCNow had an article discussing the well-known nuisance at Lee County Landfill owned by Republic Services headquartered in Arizona.  The South Carolina Supreme Court will hear arguments on a suit against the Lee County Landfill.  The jury found the landfill was operating as a nuisance and awarded punitive damages.   The residents are concerned about ridding “their property and their lives of the putrid smells emanating from the nearby landfill.”  Plaintiffs purchased property in Bishopville within a two-mile radius of the dump before it began accepting waste in 1994.

“Last March a federal jury awarded three Lee County couples a total of $2.3 million in damages after their attorney argued that the strong odors from the dump located off of Interstate 20 were lessening their quality of life, disrupting tranquility and damaging their property values.”

“During post-trial motions, the defense asked Federal Court Judge Joseph Anderson to throw out the award, arguing that nuisance law should not cover the $1.8 million of putative damages, only the actual damages that reflect decreased property value.”

However the plaintiffs’ attorney, Gary Poliakoff, said plenty of nuisance case law indicates the landfill is responsible for more than just damages to physical property, and that’s what he plans to tell the justices in oral arguments Tuesday.”

We rely on numerous nuisance cases from the state of South Carolina from the past century which talk about the types of damages that can be awarded for nuisance and those types of damages include loss of quality of life, annoyance, inconvenience and interference with mental tranquility,” Poliakoff said. “All of those are from South Carolina Supreme Court cases for decades. The defense wants to undo those prior cases and say that damages should be limited to loss rental value, which we believe would be an absurd outcome.”

“Poliakoff and his clients maintain the Lee County Landfill has been a “horrendous, notorious landfill with terrible odors emanating for miles out for years.””

Motorists driving the 70-mile stretch of I-20 between Florence and Columbia can certainly attest to that. Odors emanating from the area of the dump are noticeable almost every day.

Poliakoff said his clients hope the dump is closed outright by a court order, or alternatively, that the court will order the waste management company to comply with a list or regulations. Some of those controls on the landfill include an overall limit to the amount of waste accepted annually, limits on the types of waste accepted – such as human sewage sludge from more than 550 miles away that causes particularly strong odors – and additional gas wells and partial capping of some areas.

Meanwhile, the national waste industry lobbyists have filed amicus briefs attempting to influence the Supreme Court’s decision on a South Carolina issue. Waste360 reported that several waste and recycling associations filed a brief with the South Carolina Supreme Court attempting to overturn the federal jury verdict.  “Combining on the amicus brief filed in support of the Lee County Landfill was the South Carolina chapter of the National Solid Wastes Management Association (NSWMA), the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA), the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) and the American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA).”   See article at Waste & Recycling News

Fits News reported an interesting twist.  The article begins with an explanation how human sewage sludge waste leaves Staten Island, New York and weeks later ends up in the Lee County landfill home to a massive 150-foot tall landfill which receives all of this feces. “The waste has been rotting and stinking in the sun for two weeks by the time it gets to the landfill,” one of the facilities’ operators stated during a recent court case.”  Fits News goes on to explain legislation currently pending before the South Carolina Senate which would limit their ability to refuse such shipments. In fact the legislation – S. 203 – would enjoin municipalities from passing any ordinance which blocks the feces.

Former S.C. Lt. Governor Bob Peeler supports the legislation on behalf og the waste industry. One of the primary sponsors is Senate Majority Leader Harvey Peeler (R-Cherokee) – who is Bob Peeler’s brother.   In fact Peeler’s Medical Affairs Committee will determine whether the legislation makes its way to the floor of the S.C. Senate for a vote.

That’s our beef with this legislation. Stripping local governments of their right to object to these facilities – or at the very least limit the amount of toxic human waste they accept – strikes us as a crass usurpation of individual liberty and of home rule. Also, the fact the waste industry is using Bob Peeler’s family connection to shove this legislation through the Senate is downright shameful – and typical of the corruption we’ve come to expect from state government in South Carolina.”



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Senior partner Gary W. Poliakoff is Board Certified in Civil Trial Advocacy by the National Board of Trial Advocacy, and is the recipient of the following professional awards:

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American Jurisprudence Award For Excellence in Constitutional Law

For more information victims, or family members of nursing home abuse, or neglect can call Poliakoff & Associates at 864-582-5472, or contact via their web site.


Trial Judge Denies Defendant’s Post-Trial Motions, Upholds Jury Verdict for Plaintiff in
Fall/Injury Case (Hawkins v. SSC Hendersonville Operating Company, LLC, d/b/a
The Brian Center Health and Rehabilitation)

On February 21, 2008 the trial Judge (the Honorable Judge Dennis Winner)  DENIED all of Defendant’s post-trial Motions in the fall/injury case, leaving intact the jury verdict of $800,000 ($200,000 in actual damages, $600,000 in punitive damages).

The case was tried in Superior Court in Hendersonville, North Carolina from November 6-16, 2007. Plaintiff proved that the Defendant failed to provide the reasonable and necessary care to prevent decedent, Neal Hawkins, from falling on three separate occasions in one day when it was documented he was a significant fall risk, and was suffering from a significant change in his condition.  Defendant failed to care plan or intervene for the known risk.

On February 11, 2006 Mr. Hawkins fell three times in a single day,  fracturing his hip on the last fall. The facility did not discovery the severe fracture for seven (7) more days. Mr. Hawkins underwent hip surgery. Five (5) weeks later he died of pneumonia. After nearly two (2) weeks of trial, the jury returned a verdict of $200,000 actual damages, plus $600,000 in punitive damages.

Defendant filed post-trial Motions on various alleged issues, seeking to eliminate the punitive damages award, challenging Plaintiff’s expert opinions regarding North Carolina’s "community standards" rule, and objecting to the Judge’s jury instructions. The trial Judge received Memoranda from both parties, heard oral arguments, and has entirely DENIED all of Defendant’s post-trial Motions. Defendant has indicated that they may appeal.

After a 2 week trial in Hendersonville, North Carolina, the jury awarded $800,000.00 to the Plaintiff. Plaintiff was represented by Poliakoff & Associates of Spartanburg, South Carolina. The jury award was $200,000.00 for personal injury suffered by the decedent while a resident at Brian Center – Hendersonville, and $600,000.00 in punitive damages. The Brian Center – Hendersonville is a nursing home owned by SSC Hendersonville Operating Company, LLC which is a subsidiary of  SavaSeniorCare. The Defendant denied all liability, and vigorously defended the entire suit.


The Plaintiff argued that the decedent, Neal Hawkins, Jr., was identified by the Brian Center as being high risk for falls, but that the facility did little to address this problem in the care plan for the resident, and failed to revise the care plan on occasions when changes in his condition compelled such. Further, on February 11, 2005, Mr. Hawkins fell 3 times in one day at the facility, apparently fracturing his hip on the 3rd fall. Plaintiff further argued that the nursing facility failed to properly assess the patient, failed to follow procedures, failed to follow doctor’s orders, and allowed Mr. Hawkins to remain in the facility in pain for 7 days following the fracture, until he was finally transferred to the hospital.


The Defendant denied that it was liable or responsible for the falls or any resulting injury, and argued that it followed appropriate procedures. On November 16, 2007, the jury awarded a total of $800,000.00 in actual and punitive damages.


Plaintiff’s experts were Dr. Jonathan Klein of Falls Church, Virginia; Janet White of Emporia, Virginia; and Katherine Johnson, of Orlando, Florida. The case was tried for the Plaintiff by lead counsel Gary W. Poliakoff, Raymond P. Mullman, Jr., and Lara Pettiss Harrill. Also participating were attorney Matt Yelverton and attorney Greg Newman, both of Hendersonville, North Carolina.


As of the time of writing of this entry, the Defendant has indicated a possibility of appeal.