By The New York Times | Sources: State and local health agencies and hospitals
Almost 1000 have died in each of the last three days — a three-day total that’s 56 percent higher than during the same three days last week. The number of Americans dying from the coronavirus is rising reversing the trend in the U.S. Deaths had been declining since mid-April, even as the number of confirmed new cases held fairly steady in the late spring and then surged over the past several weeks. Epidemiologists agree that the surge of new cases since re-opening early in June was so large that it will lead to more deaths.
“Several months ago, I warned of a potential tsunami if we did not take this more seriously,” Richard Cortez, an official in Hidalgo County, in southern Texas, said. “The tsunami is here.” Nationally, the number of new cases hit another record yesterday. Deaths have begun to rise in South Carolina, Florida, Tennessee, California and Texas; many reported daily high in deaths this week.  In a typical fatal case, a patient dies three to five weeks after getting infected.

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