Many families are asking themselves that question since COVID-19 policy has prevented families from visiting nursing homes.  Many families have no idea what’s happening to their loved ones.  They fear abuse and neglect.

One example is a family in NY who had photos showing Gloria Caldaroni-Ford’s mother Donata in her nursing home, with bruises under her eyes, a huge knot on her head and a big cut on her nose.

The incident happened before the COVID-19 pandemic. Caldaroni-Ford says her family only learned about the injury when they came to visit her mom the next day. The aide accused of causing her mother to fall was charged for not following procedure and for failing to report what happened.

“It is so important you don’t assume everything is okay behind closed doors,” Caldaroni-Ford said.

Advocates and experts agree that cameras should be allowed in rooms so families always have eyes on their loved ones.

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