Tiffany Hall Nursing & Rehab Center failed to keep a resident safe and allowed him to be suffocated in bed.  William Hawkins is charged with first-degree murder for the slaying of Robert Morell, who was suffocated with a pillow as he slept at the Tiffany Hall Nursing & Rehab Center.

According to a redacted police arrest report, Hawkins matched the description of the man employees saw fleeing the room after being spotted on top of Morell shortly after midnight. Detectives learned that Morell’s girlfriend of 15 years had called the nursing home hours warning employees to not let Hawkins into the home because he would hurt Morell. One employee picked Hawkins out of a photo lineup.

The girlfriend told detectives that she and Morell had an open relationship and that she dated Hawkins after Morell went into the home, but that had ended.  She said that Hawkins broke into her bedroom through a window Jan. 4, about 15 hours before the slaying, and woke her. She told detectives that Hawkins noticed needles and a vial of insulin that she uses to treat her cat and suggested she kill Morell by injecting the insulin into his feeding tube. She refused and said Hawkins then stole her car, which is when she called the nursing home to warn them.


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