A federal judge sentenced President Donald Trump’s friend, longtime operative Roger Stone, to only 40 months in prison for lying to Congress and tampering with a witness in an effort to protect Trump. Stone was convicted at trial in November of charges related to false statements and threatening a witness.

He was not prosecuted, as some have complained, for standing up for the president, he was prosecuted for covering up for the president,” said Judge Amy Berman Jackson about Stone.  “The truth still exists, the truth still matters. Roger Stone’s insistence that it doesn’t … are a threat to our most fundamental institutions,” Jackson said. “There was nothing unfair, phony, or disgraceful about the investigation or the prosecution.” Jackson said.

If Stone is pardoned, his conviction would be voided, and he would not face any criminal sentence after Attorney General William Barr and Trump improperly interfered in the prosecution due to political considerations and because of Trump’s long relationship with Stone. Barr forced the nonpartisan U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia to recommend a ridiculously lenient prison term than the seven to nine years that guidelines mandate.  The four trial prosecutors quit the case in protest.

More than 2,000 former Justice Department employees have publicly called on Barr to resign for his reversal of the career prosecutors’ sentencing recommendation in the case.

“Each of us strongly condemns President Trump’s and Attorney General Barr’s interference in the fair administration of justice,” the letter said, specifically citing the Stone case.




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