Vivian Wright plans to seek justice against Heartland Health Care Center of Orange Park nursing home because staff neglected to treat her father’s pressure wounds and then tried to cover the smell with coffee grounds.  This is outrageous.  Vivian Wright’s father, Frank, entered Heartland Health Care Center in September 2019 after two strokes. Wright worked for the Department of Defense, as a boilermaker on the ships at Naval Station Mayport for more than 25 years.

She says that Frank has two bedsores, which are ulcers that form from pressure due to lying in a bed or sitting in a wheelchair for long periods of time, including one on his buttocks.  Bedsores typically begin as red areas that eventually turn purple. If left untreated, the bedsore can break open and become infected leading to sepsis and wrongful death.

One day, during a visit, she and her brother-in-law found piles of coffee grounds under his bed, First Coast News reported. The coffee grinds were used to cover the smell of an infected bedsore that staff had neglected. Coffee grounds contain nitrogen from caffeine, and the element helps to neutralize sulfur, which gives many unpleasant smells their stench. Staff used the coffee grounds to hide the odor of an infection from Frank’s bedsore on his buttocks.  Staff failed to make sure he had regular check-ups with his doctors and to take care of his wounds. lists Heartland’s quality of resident care as ‘below average’ and its health inspection rating as ‘much below average.’

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