Healthcare IT News reported that Virtual Care Provider Inc., which provides hosting and IT services to post-acute care facilities nationwide, was hit by the Ryuk variant, locking access to patient data at 110 nursing homes.  VCPI estimates that  20% of its servers were affected by the attack. The company’s clients are primarily senior living and long-term care facilities, including 110 nursing home organizations with some 80,000 computers across 45 states. The hack against Virtual Care Provider Inc. (VCPI) means some locations cannot access patient records, use the internet, pay employees or order medications.

A ransomware attack carried out by Russian hackers has potentially put the safety of nursing home patients at risk, after Milwaukee-based cloud hosting firm Virtual Care Provider Inc. was hit with Ryuk encryption, preventing access to electronic health record and medication administration data. The Russian hackers, who demanded $14 million in bitcoin for a decryption key that VCPI cannot afford, apparently spread by the ransomware via the TrickBot virus, according to company officials, who said they are “feverishly working” to restore access to critical data.

I wonder if Trump and the Republicans will blame Ukraine?

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