Mecklenburg Health and Rehabilitation Center nursing home facility in Charlotte was fined, and could lose its Medicare provider agreement after at least two elderly residents received “poor patient care,” following an inquiry that stemmed from a FOX 46 investigation. An official with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is treating the findings of its investigation “seriously.” Last month, FOX 46 discovered the nursing home let a 71-year-old dementia patient, Alexander Rose, sign his own discharge papers put him in a taxi to his son’s locked and empty home.  He was found disoriented and lost wandering around the neighborhood, Rose said.  He could have died.

“You can’t do an elder like that,” said Alexander’s son, Tarance. “You can’t just put them in a cab, incompetent, not knowing where to go and not know what to do.”

A court deemed Alexander incompetent this year and awarded guardianship to Rose, who says he was caught off guard when he received a voicemail that his dad was discharging. He says, by law, he should have signed off on his father’s release.

“Like a relief off my shoulders of joy that the state and federal [officials] went in and found information saying this facility was doing wrong things to the elders,” said Rose.

CMS found Alexander’s discharge to be improper, noting there was no post-care plans in place.

Mecklenburg Health and Rehabilitation Center was fined $10,210 for its handling of the Rose case, which FOX 46 first uncovered, and for another situation where a resident was now allowed to return after a four hour therapeutic leave.


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