Absolutely disgusting!  Every time I see a news article about another resident being abused and harassed, I want to scream.  As a nursing home abuse and neglect attorney, we see this type of behavior often especially in short-staffed facilities where frustration and burn-out run rampant.

Video evidence shows that the staff at the Grace Care Northpointe Center nursing home physically abused a 93 year old resident.  The video is hard to watch and listen to because the resident was clearly roughed up by a certified nursing assistant where she’s been staying for about a year.

“She just snatched her around and continued to hit her over and over again while my mom just screamed for help,” Teno said.

Teno said after her mother complained of being hurt by some staff members, she decided to set up a hidden camera. Beyond what Teno said was verbal abuse, she also says there was physical abuse.

“It hurt me to see my mom being treated like that. And she could not defend herself,” daughter Mary Teno said.





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