Authorities are currently investigating how a nursing home resident, Dolores Gomez, at Westfield Center Nursing Care facility got severe bruises and injuries to her face. Her son, Benny Gomez, states she was assaulted at the facility. Gomez says she suffered double fractures to her face and a broken nose. She also needed stitches.

Benny Gomez posted photos of his mother’s injuries to Facebook, a post that has been shared over 9,000 times. The photos show his elderly mother’s face covered in bruises.

(Photos courtesy: Benny Gomez)

Gomez claims this wasn’t the first time his elderly mother ended up with injuries. He tells Fox 35 his mother said that some of the nursing home employees had hit her before. Gomez told the media earlier in the week that his mother “was assaulted numerous times. She tells me that they were rough with her. They hit her over the head with a hairbrush multiple times.”

“My mom had black eyes and bruises and was struck over the top of her head with her hair brush. I had filed many complaints previously.”

The nursing home claims the woman fell.  On her face?

Genesis, one of the largest providers of long-term care in the nation, owns the Westfield Center. It also owns the Waterview Center in Cedar Grove, where a certified nursing assistant has been charged with reckless manslaughter for failing to seek emergency care for a patient who later died from a fall.



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