Rosalind Agatha Bell died less than two months after developing a bed sore on her left ankle while at the Evergreen Health & Rehabilitation Center.  Marjorie Ann Bell, Rosalind Bell’s daughter, is suing the nursing home for compensation. The suit alleges that the facility should have prevented the bedsores because when Rosalind Bell was admitted to the facility, the staff knew or should have known that she was a high risk for developing bedsores (also known as pressure ulcers) and needed interventions to avoid them.

“Bell depended completely on the defendants for responsible pressure ulcer and wound prevention and treatment, to include care as basic as turning and re-positioning,” attorney Robert W. Carter Jr. wrote. “The defendants permitted Bell to develop a left outer ankle wound as early as Sept. 26, 2017.”

Carter said in an interview that Evergreen has a history of improperly treating bedsores, a common complication among neglected residents. Evergreen was cited by the Department of Health in 2016 for several problems including substandard treatment of bed sores and failure to maintain proper infection control.
In a settlement in March, the family of a 90-year-old woman who died after developing bedsores was awarded $300,000. The family, which sought $2.5 million, alleged the bedsores were caused by the staff failing to properly rotate the woman in bed.

“The staff was insufficient in number or had knowledge deficits about the proper means to care for Ms. Bell,” he said. “The development and deterioration of the wounds got as bad as it gets for wounds.”

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