Lori Sadler on behalf of her mother, Linda S. Floyd, has filed a claim against the operators of Integrity Hc nursing home, claiming the staff allowed pressure sores to develop that in turn led to a fatal infection and other problems. Sadler maintains the facility failed to assist Floyd and prevent her physical and mental decline. Floyd was only 65 when she died.

Integrity Hc is accused in the legal action of failing to administer treatments as ordered by Floyd’s doctor, failing to assess changes in her condition and failing to prevent and treat pressure sores. The suit contends Floyd suffered pressure ulcers, dehydration, infection, decreased consciousness, osteomyelitis and infection that “were foreseeable and caused or contributed to her death.”

“On or about Aug. 2, 2017, she was admitted to St. Anthony’s Health Center where, upon admission, she was diagnosed with a 5-centimeter by 7-centimeter deep sacral pressure ulcer … and with hypertension, dehydration, osteomyletis and sepsis,” according to the lawsuit.



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