A recent New Jersey case really made me think about criminal intent in nursing home caregivers.  Monique Beaucejour, a nursing home aide was charged with reckless manslaughter for failing to seek emergency care for a patient who later died after suffering a head injury, said acting Essex County Prosecutor Theodore N. Stephens, II.

Beaucejour found the 85-year-old resident on the floor of her room at the Waterview Center nursing home but placed her back in bed instead of seeking help. Investigators determined, however, that Beaucejour had placed Fannie McClain in bed and “returned to the room later and acted as if she just discovered her injured,” Stephens’ announcement said.

McClain’s 62-year-old daughter, Fangela McClain, said she had previously raised concerns about her mother’s care and said the nursing home did not have enough staff to adequately care for all of the patients. She said her mother, who had dementia, had fallen previously and another time she sprained her ankle.

In addition to reckless manslaughter, the prosecutor charged Beaucejour with hindering, obstruction and neglect of the elderly, Stephens said.

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