WSBTV reported on another resident being sexually abused. This time it was all caught on a hidden video.  The sexual assaults are alleged to have occurred between June 1 and July 3 at an assisted living health care facility in Seattle.

Nshimiyiana O. Hamzat is accused of  repeatedly raping a disabled victim while he cared for her at the facility. He is charged with first-degree rape, second-degree rape and indecent liberties.  Police said Hamzat was employed at the facility as a nursing assistant and worked as a care provider to multiple vulnerable adults at the time of the sexual assaults.

The victim, a 50-year-old woman, complained to her family that she was being assaulted in the facility, according to prosecutors.

Police said a family member called police on July 2 to report the sexual assaults.

The family member then installed a camera in the woman’s room.

“The camera captured the defendant sexually assaulting her twice a day, on two different days. The videos did not capture the totality of the sexual abuse the victim suffered at the hands of the defendant,” prosecutors wrote in charging documents.

In a probable cause document, police said that when they contacted Hamzat he said he had not had any inappropriate sexual contact complaints and denied having done anything wrong.

When Hamzat was shown video of himself abusing the woman, police said he continued to maintain that he was doing patient care.




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