Back in 2015, the drug company Pfizer found a strong possibility that Enbrel, their rheumatoid arthritis medication, could significantly reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Based on an analysis of insurance claims, researchers from Pfizer found that Enbrel could potentially reduce Alzheimer’s risk by 64 percent.

Researchers in the company wanted to do more research relating to Enbrel’s connection with Alzheimer’s. Pfizer decided against it because it would not be as profitable.  Around the same time Pfizer made its decision not to support Alzheimer’s research with Enbrel, they also decided to shut down their neurology department where the testing would have occurred and lay off 300 employees.  Pfizer also had the option to publish its data for other researchers to use, but decided not to share the important research.

Some outside researchers and scientists think Alzheimer’s might be very closely related to inflammation and the correlation between Enbrel and Alzheimer’s prevention might not be coincidental.


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