Last year, a jury compensated a former resident of Renew Saddle Rock $3.6 million after the resident was beaten by another individual who resided there, identified as “Anne B.”  The facility is being sued again for the same resident beating another wheelchair-bounded 92-year-old and failing to report it.  Apparently the facility cannot keep the residents safe or keep Anne B. from harming others.  Anne B. has also been accused of assaulting a third female resident who has had only her first name released, Josephine.  Many of the residents have Alzheimer’s and dementia so the facility knows altercations are inevitable and foreseeable and therefore preventable with adequate staff to supervise and intervene if necessary.

The latest lawsuit accuses the center of putting profits over people and engaging in under-staffing to save money.  Renew regularly staffs just one employee for as many as 28 dementia clients throughout evening and weekend shifts, the lawsuits alleges, and when an attack occurs, the center doesn’t have the resources to report it in a timely manner.

It was filed on behalf of Joanna Dryva whose mother, Maria Pallman, was the elderly wheelchair-bound women assaulted.  According to the lawsuit, Pallman was sitting in the hallway in her wheelchair when the assault occurred.  Now, according to court documents, she suffers from anxiety and other recurring medical complications.  The nursing home refused to hand over surveillance footage Pallman’s family request that they believe documented the incident.

The lawsuit additionally accuses former director, Britny Otto, of violating state law when she denied throughout her testimony in court that Anne B. had assaulted the individual in the first case that was presented.  It says that Otto the facility as having higher levels of staffing than its competitors even though she and the company were well-aware that it was chronically understaffed.  Otto also didn’t report the assault of the first resident to the police or adult protective services, as required by state law.



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