Almost six years ago, nursing home resident Bertha Davis fell and was injured at the Pensacola Health Care Facility. The fall caused a blood vessel to burst and blood to begin pooling in a portion of her brain. As a consequence, Bertha dies 4 days later.  Her three children filed a civil lawsuit against the nursing home’s parent company, SV/Jupiter Properties Inc., doing business as the Pensacola Health Care Facility, and its management company, S/V Home Office Inc.

Recently, a jury returned a verdict ruling that not only did the fall ultimately kill Davis, but that the nursing home was negligent in its care and allowed the fall to occur. The jury also awarded a total of $200,000 to Davis’ children.  It took a long time but justice was done.

 Attorney Samuel Bearman represented the estate of Bertha Davis.

“I think the jury’s ruling was that the nursing home had not done everything that it could have done — and that should have done — to prevent Ms. Davis from falling,” Bearman said. “The nursing home failed to follow its own care plan, designed to prevent Ms. Davis from falling.”

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