The Mountaineer reported on the horrific saga involving SavaSeniorCare in North Carolina.  In August 2017, Luis Gomez, a former certified nursing assistant at the Brian Center — now known as Haywood Nursing and Rehabilitation — was found guilty of several felonies, including forcible rape, by a Haywood County jury. The charges related to two victims, both of whom filed a separate civil suit in Haywood County Superior Court before filing in federal court last month.  The nursing home was owned and operated by SavaSeniorCare–a national billion dollar for-profit chain.  The Sava chain is managed by SavaSeniorCare Administrative Services LLC and SavaSeniorCare Consulting LLC.

According to the suits, which uses the term “Sava Senior Care — ALL” to refer to the defendants (including the parent company), the staff at the Brian Center was aware of the dangerous conditions its residents were subject to.  Gomez began working at the Brian Center in July 2015, and the suits allege that abuses were reported to management prior to Gomez being reported to law enforcement or even fired from the facility.  Perhaps most shocking is that the suit alleges that the defendants worked to cover up Gomez’ horrid deeds by silencing his victims. They further allege that had The Brian Center given the initial complaint adequate attention that he would have not been able to assault more helpless women.

“At the relevant times, on information and belief, Sava Senior Care — ALL were fully aware that the failure to provide sufficient numbers of competent nursing personnel to meet the basic needs of residents jeopardized the health and safety of such residents and would, in all reasonable likelihood, cause serious injury to residents, including [the plaintiff],” it continues.

The suits allege that the knowledge of sub-standard conditions was known by all even the management company, related entities, and the parent company but they only cared about profits and the bottom line.

“Sava Senior Care — ALL, on information and belief, entered into a continuing course of negligent conduct by creating, implementing, and enforcing dangerous operational budgets at the Haywood Sava Senior Care-Brian Center Facility that deprived residents, including [the plaintiff] of adequate staffing necessary to meet custodial needs,” the suit continues. “This course of conduct deprived residents, including [the plaintiff], of supplies and personnel necessary to meet her needs. Further, this course of conduct failed to ensure that qualified employees worked at the facility. This course of conduct allowed a sexual predator to be employed by and to work at the Haywood Sava Senior Care-Brian Center Facility and to cause severe harm to multiple residents, including [the plaintiff].”

“Upon information and belief, Sava Senior Care — ALL conducted a purported investigation of the complaint of Jane Doe; discounted and minimized the reports and complaints of Jane Doe; gathered and manipulated information to criticize and disparage Jane Doe; and promptly arranged to have Jane Doe involuntarily committed to another facility for psychiatric evaluation,” one suit reads. “On information and belief, the commitment of Jane Doe by Sava Senior Care — ALL rendered her unavailable for interview and evaluation at the facility by the appropriate authorities, including representatives from the Complaint Intake and Health Care Personnel Investigations Section of the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services.”

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