The Dayton Daily News reported a horrific story of a sexual predator in nursing homes for 18 years.  Michael W. Schneider was charged with rape accused of raping a non-verbal, bed-ridden nursing home patient more than 18 years ago.  Documents obtained by the Dayton Daily News allege the accused man told his girlfriend he committed the same crimes against at least two other women during the same time period.

Schneider’s girlfriend told Detective Levi Wells that “Schneider recently confided in her that while he was a nurse’s aide at Cedar Village about 20 years ago, he sexually assaulted three, separate, elderly women,” Wells said in the affidavit.  Wells then located two police reports “from that time frame outlining abuse of patients directly under Schneider’s care, one of which had the same condition Schneider had disclosed” to his girlfriend.

Schneider remains in jail charged with two counts of rape involving one patient at the Cedar Village Retirement Community in July 2000.  According to an affidavit filed with the search warrant, Schneider was arrested on Feb. 27 after Mason police investigated “a tip from the FBI about a confession of a health-care worker who admitted to sexually assaulting three women at a facility in Mason about 20 years ago.”

In the affidavit, Wells said he also obtained a recording of Schneider admitting to the sex crimes.

“On the recording, he also admits to wanting to have sex with children,” Wells said in the affidavit.


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