Willie Johnson suffers end-stage dementia and now lives in the Laurellwood Nursing Center in St. Petersburg, Florida.  His daughter, Tonya, has been his advocate for years but is troubled by the customs and practices at the nursing home.

“I’m so hurt, I’m so disappointed in that place,” Tonya said.  “In my dad’s room, they have a white sheet to the window as a cover, as a blind or as a curtain. It’s a white sheet,” Tonya stated.  On December 31, Tonya decided she’d seen enough when she spotted a large bed sore on her father’s backside. According to Tonya, her father didn’t have that bed sore when he arrived.

“I said, ‘Roll my dad over a little bit’ and that’s when I discovered (it.) I sort of stepped back, I said, ‘What is this?'” Tonya recalled. “And she said, ‘Oh, well, it’s a sore.’ And I’m like wow. I said, ‘Where’d this come from?'”  “I said, ‘Well how come nobody contacted me?’ She said, ‘Nobody ever called you?’ I said no,” Tonya said.

In addition, she was concerned about an ulcerated heel.

“I asked them to lift my daddy’s foot up. They lifted up in the air and I noticed my daddy’s foot under the bottom, like he’s got a hole and it’s spreading and it’s spreading,” she said.

In September, Laurellwood was issued 12 citations for health violations and 10 more for fire safety problems, according to Medicare’s website.

Tonya complained to the Department of Children and Families, Elder Abuse and Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration about her father’s treatment.  DCF confirmed it received a complaint from Tonya and stated it is investigating.

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