Galen Malisch is a registered sex offender.  The staff taking care of him at the Maplewood nursing home in Sauk City, Wisconsin knew it but failed to protect the other residents in the facility.  In fact, the facility tried to prevent an investigation into his behavior.  However, a 110 page federal report details the sexual assaults of residents by Malisch and the facility’s attempts to cover the assaults up to avoid responsibility.

This comes after another resident reported him, and he admitted to multiple similar incidents to the police, leading to many charges including two felony counts of second-degree sexual assault of a mentally ill victim, which alone are worth up to 40 years in prison.

Cases like this are far too common within nursing home communities. Sexual predators are admitted to the facilities without informing the other residents or their families.  These predators are not properly supervised allowing them to assault fellow residents who are weaker than them physically and/or mentally.

It’s not something anyone wants to talk about because the mere thought is so disturbing, but in and of itself the problem of sexual assault at nursing homes is its own issue. Patients or employees can be perpetrators, and the situation is not helped by the veils under which so many nursing homes operate. Misconduct and assaults happen, then they either go unreported or covered up, and the facility is allowed to save face.

The more investigations like the one into Glen Malisch’s stay at the Maplewood nursing home, the better things will get. But until these nursing homes drastically improve their foresight and determination to give quality care, this problem of looking the other way and making allowances for abusers will not disappear.

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