Here is a message from Johnny Felder, a good lawyer and a great guy, trying to make a difference.  Please support!

“Friends and family, as you all know my daughter Anna was diagnosed in 2008 with Type 1 (insulin dependent) diabetes. Since her diagnosis, Anna has taken on this challenge head on with a fearless, confident, unwavering determination that has inspired her entire family and many of our close friends.  Anna has been a JDRF youth ambassador, spoken about the need to for diabetes research, led a walk team every year since her diagnosis, traveled to Washington DC to raise awareness and lobby for federal support of critical legislation as a JDRF youth delegate representing the state of South Carolina and even joined me for a JDRF ride where Anna and I rode a combined 160 miles to raise money and help Anna and millions of other people facing the challenges diabetes presents.  Last year Anna was a starter for her high school’s state championship basketball team and this fall is enrolling in college.  And due in large part to your past support Anna has now fully transitioned to an “artificial pancreas system” – YES!!!!!!

 With all of this incredible life changing, actually life saving, progress I have decided to ride again this year in honor of my daughter.  The ride is November 3, 2018 in Santa Fe NM.  I plan to ride again and the goal is to raise $5,000.  The training and fund raising begin now!
 If you would like to help us this year, please visit my ride page through the link below.  Thank you and God Bless!!



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