There are now 15 class action lawsuits against California nursing homes alleging intentionally understaffed facilities which produce poor results for their patients. Spearheaded by Garcia, Artigliere & Medby and the Arns Law Firm, the cases center mostly on facilities in Southern California and the Bay Area, many of which are controlled and operated by Shlomo Rechnitz and/or Rockport Administrative Services LLC.

1 out of every 14 nursing homes in California is controlled in some way by Shlomo Rechnitz, many of which were purchased in bankruptcy court.

Before all of these class action suits, there was the story of South Pasadena Convalescent Hospital, a business of Rechnitz’s from which a mentally unstable patient was able to walk freely out the door and light herself on fire, dying from her injuries. South Pasadena Convalescent was soon decertified, a very rare distinction which removes government funding from care facilities such as these.

Experts are alarmed with the frequency of decertification of Rechnitz’s businesses, of which they received three within three months as opposed to the other three that have been given statewide over the course of three years. In a state where nursing home negligence is a massive problem and it’s rare that facilities and their parent corporations are singled out by authorities, facilities under Shlomo Rechnitz’s purview have been subject to investigation, citations, and fines.

These 15 suits are mostly on the grounds of negligence, that the businesses put patients in danger by understaffing facilities in order to save money on employees and increase their profits.   Where residents deserved certain levels of care and so many hours of attention from skilled nurses, they were dangerously deprived so the companies overseeing them could save a dime. These aren’t the first suits of this kind in California, but they will hopefully shed light on the larger issues in nursing homes and neglect issues


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