KDVR reported that Colorado police finally have a warrant out for the arrest of Gwendolyn Kentris after months of investigating an elder-abuse case at Ralston Creek Neighborhood Assisted Living.  A 41-page report details how seven witnesses describe what happened between caregiver Kentris and a 74-year-old vulnerable woman with Alzheimer’s dementia.  Several witnesses stated Kentris pushed the elderly woman, Karlene O’Brien. They also allege Kentris pinned O’Brien to the bed while forcing her to cross her arms and swore at her. One witness told police that O’Brien was traumatized, saying, “‘She’s gonna’ kill me. She’s gonna’ kill me’.”

Kentris has a lengthy criminal history, including 14 felony convictions related to assault and drugs.  Kentris told police she received no formal training beyond a four-day orientation.  The report said Kentris admits to holding the elderly woman locked in her room for 20 to 30 minutes, which is against the assisted living home’s rules.

I mean, you put your trust in somebody to take care of your loved one,” Karlene’s husband Robert said. “She was punched in the face — black eyes, split lip.”  Police found multiple bruises and cuts on the elderly woman’s body and later found that she had a fractured wrist, according to the report.

The warrant for Kentris’ arrest includes charges of assault and false imprisonment.  She is also accused of assaulting another patient at Ralston Creek as well.

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