In 2017, an 85 year-old woman was assaulted by a staff member at The Poplars nursing home in North Epping, Sydney. All if this was captured in a video which shows the 59 year-old Dana Maree Gray pulling off the woman robe, hitting her with her hand repeatedly and then taking a full garbage bag and attacking her with that. The assault continued with Gray pulling the elderly woman’s hair and dragging her body back and forth, and when she finally left the room, Gray left the bed in such a position that she was unable to properly sit or lie down. The video of the attack was shown to the court and it was found to be so disturbing that the magistrate would not release it to the public.

It should be noted that the elderly woman also had dementia, and though it was clearly evidenced through the video how horribly she was treated, she could not tell the story herself on account of being unable to remember.

Gray and her lawyers asked that her case be heard under the Mental Health Act in Australia, which could have helped make allowances for her behavior by siting a mental health problem as the cause of the even. But the magistrate refused to use the Mental Health Act, saying that would turn the attention away from the defendant’s gross conduct and allow the blame to be set away from her actions.

These cases don’t just happen in South Carolina, and they don’t just happen in the U.S. Across the world, the elderly are vulnerable to abuse and neglect at the hands of malicious workers who choose to hurt them instead of help in addition to corporations and systems which allow this kind of behavior or endorse neglect through understaffing and underfunding their own facilities.

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