The Gephardt Daily reported another sexual assault by a nursing home employee.  Jorge L. Vera was booked into jail on one count of forcible sexual abuse, a second-degree felony.  The alleged victim, a 64-year-old patient at the facility, told investigators female aides would usually prepare her bath, then leave her alone to wash and dress herself.  However, Vera, she told investigators, would remain in the room and use his hands and a washcloth to clean her body.

The woman said Vera would apply extra pressure while cleaning her private areas, and would let his hand “linger” too long.

The alleged victim said she was “very uncomfortable, and pulled away from Vera.”

The court paperwork says that when questioned, Vera initially denied the incident happened at all.  Under further questioning, Vera told investigators the alleged victim grabbed the bathroom rail, positioned herself, then requested he wash her private areas, which he did.  The inconsistency shows why he got arrested.

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