WYMT reported that Mark Dyer is in the hospital fighting for his life because of the neglect he suffered at Knott County Health and Rehabilitation Center.  The family said a nursing home did not take proper care of Mark Dyer, and that it all could have been prevented.

In the last days of February, the family noticed Dyer seemed sick. The family posted pictures of Dyer’s condition on Facebook. They said Dyer smelled like he had not been bathed in days, his tongue was swollen, and his skin was swollen, and his skin was dry and peeling when he brought to the hospital. When he arrived at the hospital, doctors said Dyer had pneumonia and was septic which is life threatening.

“We have always been a very close family,” said Dyer’s niece, Robyn Dyer Shrum.  “When you can’t care for someone at home, you expect excellent care at a nursing home,” said Shrum.  Dyer was taken to the Knott County Health and Rehabilitation Center. The facility is near most of his family. “It’s heartbreaking that we might have to move him from that nursing home because a lot of our family members won’t be able to go visit him like they can now,” said Shrum.

You are trusting these people to take care of your family and this happens and there is just no trust,” said Shrum’s cousin and Dyer’s niece, Kristy Dyer Johnson.  “This is disgusting. This is neglect at its worst,” said Johnson.  “Pray for Mark, pray for our family. He needs all the prayers he can get. He is a good, Christian man,” said Johnson.


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