Westchester News 12 reported that new allegations of abuse and neglect arose from a grieving son who claims his mother died due to the lack of care at troubled Sapphire Nursing Home in Goshen.  Joseph Guyt’s mother, Lillian, died month at a hospital after being in the care of staff at Sapphire Nursing Home in Goshen.  Guyt claims he complained about the conditions to both the facility and state over the past year, providing News 12 with documents as proof.

Liilian was immobile and wheelchair-bound due to severe arthritis. He says she developed an avoidable urinary tract infection at Sapphire that spread to her kidneys, proving fatal within days. Guyt believes it was caused by being left daily – sometimes allegedly for hours – in urine and feces by Sapphire staff.

“It’s really a systemic issue. They’re not isolated incidents at all. It’s a horror show at Sapphire,” he says.

The allegations come on the heels of a state probe in which Sapphire was issued multiple violations, accusing the home of understaffing and patient neglect.




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