The 961 reported that a video that was recorded on a hidden camera shows an elderly Lebanese-American man being abused in a nursing home in Michigan.  According to sources, Hussein Younes was admitted to Autumnwood of Livonia in May 2015 to recover from abdominal surgery. A few weeks later, the wheelchair-bound patient started complaining to his children that he was being abused.

The nursing home denied any abuse but Hussein’s children noticed unexplained bruises and cuts on their father’s head. They set up a hidden camera in his room which recorded what their father was going through.  The family gathered more than 100 clips documenting neglectful behavior over two days.  The tapes show two nurses screaming at him, hitting him, and violently throwing him in his wheelchair. They were even using racial slurs.

“I discovered unspeakable horrors,” Salim Younes said. “What I found on these clips is something that blew my mind.”

The video clips show several Autumnwood employees treating Hussein Younes very roughly, allowing him to slide from his wheelchair to the floor, jerking his head back and forth and yelling obscenities directly into his face, among other abusive and negligent behaviors.

“I’m sick of your stupid ass. Get your ass up here,” one nurse’s aide is shown saying to Younis and she jerks him roughly from his wheelchair to his bed.

Hussein was immediately removed from the facility.  Autumnwood of Livonia conducted an investigation and denied responsibility until the video was discovered then the facility fired the employees who were involved in the incident.

The family filed a civil lawsuit in September 2016. His son Salim said that he is shedding light on what happened because what the family went through was unbearable. He also does not “advise anybody to put their family over there.”

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