New York Magazine reported the latest on ObamaCare.  A government report from last week showed that 601,462 people had enrolled in the Affordable Care Act’s individual marketplaces during the first four days of open enrollment, up 79 percent from the same period a year ago. Twenty-three percent of those customers are new to the marketplace.

Despite the Trump administration’s efforts to weaken, undermine, and subvert the Affordable Care Act, Americans are not only voting to expand the law but also racing to sign up for it in record numbers. (Maine became the 33rd state to expand the program — and the first via referendum — in a landslide vote that served as a rebuke to its virulently anti-Obamacare governor.)

Besides cutting the enrollment period, the Trump administration has eviscerated outreach funding for both advertising and in-person “navigators,” and has performed suspiciously timed website maintenance. In October, President Trump announced he would cut off key subsidy payments to insurance companies, a decision designed to boost customers’ premiums. He also announced that companies would now be able to forgo birth-control coverage if they had a moral objection to doing so, rolling back an important Obamacare mandate.

Polling shows that a majority of Americans now favor Obamacare, an extraordinary turnaround after years of public rejection.

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