Kayla Evans at Reviews.com wrote to me asking to share research her team at Reviews.com conducted regarding senior safety and medical alert systems. It is a valuable research for caregivers and family.

With millions of seniors ending up in the ER due to falls each year, Kayla and her team recognized that medical alert systems can be key for contacting help when accidents occur in the home. After over 100 hours of research and hand-testing, our guide outlines which factors will help families and seniors choose the right system for their needs: http://www.reviews.com/medical-alert-systems/

To find the best modern-day medical alert system, they spent over 100 hours talking with elder-care experts, digging into service agreements, and hand-testing the top contenders. They collected 68 medical alert devices that run on cellular-enabled base stations and that connect you to an independent central monitoring center.

Not all personal emergency response system (PERS) devices connect you directly with a monitoring system where employees are trained to assess what help to send. Some operate more like long-distance walkie-talkies that either connect you to your designated emergency contact or alert 911 automatically. Those medical alert systems are better suited for an extra layer of security when you’re walking through the office parking garage at night.

The technology advancement of PERS devices is incredible, but for this review, they looked solely at their most basic function: Press a button, get help. The caregiving experts suggested that simpler medical alert systems may be less flashy, but they’re the best place to start.

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