NJ spotlight reported the passage of “Peggy’s Law” which require nursing homes to notify the police within hours of suspected abuse — or staff must make 911 call if situation is an emergency.  This seems like it should have been required long ago.

Starting soon, elderly residents in New Jersey’s nursing homes and other long-term care facilities will benefit from additional protections designed to ensure law enforcement is looped into possible criminal abuse cases right from the start.

The measure is named for 93-year-old Peggy Marzolla who died several months after being injured while in the care of a nursing home in 2010.  Marzolla was treated for a broken eye-socket, cheekbones, and wrist, among other injuries, which nursing home staff blamed on an accidental slip and fall. Marzolla’s family didn’t accept the excuses she got from staff and was displeased with the state’s follow-up, leading her to lobby lawmakers to better protect seniors — a campaign she has continued ever since.

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