had two articles about James Square Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.  In 2015,  two out-of-state nursing home operators cut jobs at the 440-bed facility to save money.  A recent inspection found there were so few certified nurse aides some residents had to eat meals in bed and could not get up until late in the day.  A shortage of nurses and aides led to medication errors, delays in people getting showers and incontinence care, a woman falling out of a wheelchair and fracturing her shoulder and many other problems, according to the inspection.

In the unusual raid, armed investigators from the AG’s office seized records from the nursing home.  The inspection report said fewer nurses and aides were working in January than James Square’s staffing schedules showed. The inspection found discrepancies between those schedules and documented time clock and time sheet records.

Four families have filed lawsuits claiming a loved one died because of poor care and neglect.  The lawsuits claim James Square administrators failed to adequately staff the facility with qualified people, and failed to promote quality of care to the residents. A large number of wrongful death claims could be an indicator of patient care problems, according to a nursing home expert.

Richard Mollot, executive director of the Long Term Community Care Coalition, called the number of wrongful death claims at James Square “extremely troubling.”

“People very rarely sue when there is nursing home neglect or abuse, even when it leads to the death of the resident,” Mollot said.”If a facility has been sued by several different families it indicates, to me, that there is a risk that poor care may be persistent or widespread, or both.”

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