Business Insider had an article explaining how nursing home residents are reliant on Medicaid.  The Medicaid cuts in TrumpCare will hit one unexpected group of people: elderly people living in nursing homes.

  • Medicaid covers health care expenses of 74 million low-income Americans, including nursing home care for those who can’t afford it.
  • Medicare, a program that covers medical expenses for Americans over 65 does not cover nursing homes.
  • The New York Times reports that 42% of Medicaid spending goes to services like nursing home care. Cutting spending in the program would hit the elderly, or put pressure on nursing home operators to cut back. The New York Times detailed the impact of Medicaid cuts on nursing home care in a story, and reports that — even though they only make up 6% of all Medicaid enrollees — those who use long-term services like nursing homes account for about 42% of total Medicaid spending. 

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