WREG reported the jury’s verdict compensating the family of a neglected resident at Allenbrooke Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center in Memphis.  The unanimous jury decided that $30 million was fair and just to compensate the family, and to punish and deter similar conduct in the future.  Of course, the insurance company will attempt to rely on legal technicalities to challenge the jury’s verdict and avoid taking responsibility for the injuries they caused.

Martha Jane Pierce moved into Allenbrooke after her dementia just became too difficult for her family to handle on their own.  Her husband of 60 years soon followed.  She could walk and  didn’t have any skin breakdowns or bed sores.

However, Mrs. Pierce got worse and had to make several trips to and from the hospital for dehydration and malnutrition.  This contributed to the development of a pressure injury or pressure ulcer.  The failure to treat the ulcer or relieve the pressure caused the ulcer to increase in size and depth including reaching all the way to her bone.  The foot ulcer developed an infection because of the facility’s neglect which led to her leg being amputated.   The lawsuit proved that  many of the problems at the nursing home were due to a lack of staffing.

Her family sued the nursing home, its parent company and several other executives a year after her death. Last week, after years of delays, a jury ruled in their favor and returned a verdict with damages worth more than $30 million.



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