Hilda Casey has lived at Rosemary Heights Seniors Village for the last eight months.  Her family is speaking out about the neglect their mother suffers particularly in the evenings when there are fewer staff.  The neglect includes sitting in her own feces while she waits for staff to help.  “I’ve waited well over an hour sometimes, for people to come back and give me service, sometimes it’s an hour and a half,” said Casey, noting two people are required to move her. “It’s like as if you’ve been forgotten.”

The dignity, where is it?” asked her daughter Monica Burrell .  “Where has it gone?”  She said because of the low staffing levels, it is not uncommon for her to have to wait more than an hour for help.  Burrell says the people who care for her mother are friendly, but it’s just not enough.

“The staff is quite friendly as well, I’ve got to admit,” she said, adding that the nursing home is understaffed. “They try to do things for you, but it’s just not enough.”  “They’re just overworked for the amount of residents. At night they have one nurse and three care aides so if they have an incident of any sort there’s no one available to help mom and she needs two people to help lift her on a commode.”

“The effect on my mother’s dignity one can only imagine.”

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