Fox59 reported on the shocking videos of abuse and neglect being shared on social media by nursing home employees.  An updated report from independent investigative non-profit ProPublica shows cases of elder abuse and privacy invasion are growing.

They found another 12 incidents investigated by local governments during the first seven months of 2016. That’s as many as there were during all of 2015.  In some of the cases, Ball State professor John Strauss says the videos confirm some families’ worst fears.  A congressional study found 30 percent of nursing homes were cited for abuse over a two-year period.  Strauss believes these pictures and video are making it harder to ignore that sobering statistic.

It is an affirmation that the people concerned about the welfare of their seniors, you know, have reason to be,” said Strauss.

The abuse of patients is terrible in its own light,” said Strauss. “The sadly depressing thing is that people are sharing this with their friends. It’s good that this has come to light you know, because it does shed light on the greater problem of care of our elderly.”

“These organizations simply need to ban these devices from areas in which folks are getting care,” said Strauss.

See the recent CMS memo Social Media with guidelines for facilities to stop this gross invasion of privacy.




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