Everything Lubbock reported the sad situation at Littlefield Hospitality nursing home.  The owners owe the employees a total of $17,880.75, said the Lamb County District Attorneys Office. The DA’s Office said that six employees of Littlefield Hospitality have come forward, saying they are unable to cash their paychecks.

Sylvia Garcia is one of those employees, she worked for Littlefield Hospitality for two years as a Certified Nurse Aid. She was issued a check on June 25 that she received on June 27, and every day since then she has tried to cash the check to no avail.  Every time she tries to cash the check, she is unable to because her workplace has insufficient funds. As a mother, the stress of waiting for the money from her last check is weighing heavily on her.

She felt pushed to quit on July 2 when she realized she wasn’t going to be paid anytime soon. “The reason I had to quit was because I had to choose between my residents and my family, to take care of them, the main reason is I wasn’t able to get my checks to be cashed,” said Garcia.

Several of her coworkers also quit after not being able to cash their checks. Four employees expressed there had been other instances where Littlefield Hospitality had insufficient funds for their paychecks to cash, this recent incident was just the most egregious example.

“When I went and tried to cash it, they just threw the check it back in my face and it’s embarrassing because you work for a company that can’t pay you,” said Martha Freemon, who also worked at a CNA at Littlefield Hospitality. She also quit last week out of frustration with her payments.

Freemon explained that her family lost their car and couldn’t celebrate the 4th of July because they were missing the funds from the last paycheck.  The former employees said that the damage has already done, many have had their cars repossesed, power turned off, and bills go unpaid.

Garcia said that even if she gets the money in the coming days, going so long without the money she’s earned has caused problems for her and her family.

“My credit has been ruined, my name is in the mud because they haven’t been able to pay where I go to cash the checks,” she said.

“I’m waiting on a thousand dollars, that will get my truck back on, bills paid, rent paid, everything,” Freemon added. “I need this, I worked for it, I deserve it.”

Freemon wants to start looking into other jobs, but after losing her vehicle because she couldn’t cash her paychecks, she can’t even drive to get to future jobs.

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