KRDO reported the record-setting verdict for the wrongful death and suffering of Sophia Alcon, a resident at Life Care Center of Pueblo. The unanimous jury awarded more than $5.5 million.  The jury awarded $500,000 in damages stemming from the wrongful death of Sophia Alcon, $57,066.43 in economic damages for negligence, and another $5 million in punitive damages for wrongful death.

Sophia, 77, was admitted to Life Care Center of Pueblo on April 30, 2013. While a resident there, she endured several instances of abuse and neglect. According to the family, she had multiple infections, bed sores, unexplained severe bruising covering half of her body, dehydration and malnutrition.  Most of Ms. Alcon’s 10 children were regular visitors at the nursing home, and attested to performing various nursing duties such as giving Ms. Alcon showers when nursing home staff refused to do so.

“She was our mother, she meant everything to us,” Alcon’s daughter Theresa Espinosa said.

The jury also recognized multiple surveys conducted by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, which cited Life Care Center of Pueblo for numerous regulatory violations similar to what was reported by Sophia’s family. The jury believed that the facility had serious problems with continuity of care and documentation. A juror further noted that the State of Colorado should be tougher on a facility like Life Care Center of Pueblo that has had repeated violations for the same deficiencies.

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