EJInsight reported the disturbing circumstances behind a mentally impaired nursing home resident’s unusual death.  Police have launched an investigation into the death after an antiseptic gauze and other foreign objects were found in his anus. Hospital staff found foreign objects such as gauze, diaper tape and cotton in Wong’s anus during a checkup. Cambridge Nursing Home, where Wong had been a long-time resident, denied there was any abuse of residents by its staff.  They could not explain how the objects got in his anus nor why they did not discover the objects if they were properly caring for him.  The nursing home’s management said that the nursing home’s staff “do not possess the techniques to stuff any objects inside a person’s anus”.

The 60-year-old man, surnamed Wong, died two days after being admitted to the United Christian Hospital (UCH) in Kwun Tong for pnemonia and other symptoms in January, Apple Daily reports.  Wong became mentally handicapped at the age of five after a serious fever, and had had a stroke in 2007 that paralyzed his lower body. Wong’s family members, after being informed of the hospital staff’s discovery, reported the case to the police on Feb. 1, suspecting that he might have been abused.

Last year, photos of elderly residents being made to wait naked for their bath at Cambridge Nursing Home in Tai Po triggered a public outcry.

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