A federal jury has ordered Ron Lusk (who owned the the Quail Creek Nursing and Rehabilitation Center facility when horrific abuse occurred but attempted to evade responsibility by selling the nursing homes while litigation was pending) to compensate the family through the money who siphoned away from the facility.  It’s the latest legal battle surrounding a disturbing video showing two nurse’s aides abusing a 96-year-old woman.

The video is still hard to watch for the Mayberry daughters, which shows their 96-year-old mother, Eryetha Mayberry, being abused by nurse’s aides. One aide is seen stuffing a latex glove into Mayberry’s mouth, and the other aide thumps her on the head.

Two families had to go back to court after Lusk refused to pay them after the first round of lawsuits.  Lusk sold the nursing home while the lawsuits were pending, and spent millions on a home and a yacht.  “He took the money, almost $4 million, out of Oklahoma back to Texas, spent it on his mansion, spent it on his yacht, spent it frivolously in all kinds of ways and said he was not personally responsible,” Wes Bledsoe, with A Perfect Cause, said.



A similar tragedy happened to another Oklahoma family at Lusk’s nursing home. Tim Kingsbury’s mother, who was on a special diet, choked to death eating sausages while in the nursing home’s care.

Several pieces were pulled out of her throat,  and there’s no way someone would not know that was happening. Somebody was mad at my mother, and they were just killing her,” Kingsbury said.

A jury awarded Tim Kingsbury’s family nearly $350,000.  He’s never seen a dime, just like the Mayberrys.  The two families didn’t give up.  They filed a fraudulent transfer action, claiming some of that money should have gone to them.

A federal jury just decided in their favor again and ordered Lusk to pay almost $1.6 million for fraudulently transferring money from his nursing home’s bank accounts to avoid paying two court judgments.   Lusk must use his personal funds to pay the judgments.   Court documents show Lusk sold the nursing home in June 2012, receiving $2.85 million in net proceeds and another $1.14 million from accounts receivable or reimbursements.


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