The Tennessean reported the arrest of Alicia D. Brooks, a nursing home technician, for identity theft and fraudulent use of a credit card after Metro police say she opened up credit cards in the name of a patient she cared for at Vancor Manor nursing home and racked up thousands of dollars on them, an affidavit shows.  Brooks was already on probation for using a dead patient’s banking card previously.

According to a criminal complaint, on Dec. 17 the victim stopped receiving mail at his home, and when the man’s family researched why, they found Brooks created several credit cards combining her name and the victim’s name, and that she also added her name to the victim’s Sears credit card. The complaint goes onto say Brooks charged more than $2,500 on cards to businesses, including Kmart and Kirkland’s.

On Dec. 22, Metro police stopped Brooks in a parking lot where she was slated to report to a probation officer. Brooks was on probation for fraudulent use of a credit card after the son of a woman who died March 23 noticed several unauthorized purchases made on his mother’s Regions Bank card several days after her death.  How in the heck did she get hired in the first place!?!

During a search of her vehicle they found mail that belonged to the victim. In a taped interview, she blamed the crimes on another person.  However, Brooks was caught on camera March 23 at the Kroger in the 800 block of Monroe Street buying groceries and gas using the Regions Bank card that had been taken from the woman’s room while she stayed at the assisted living home, court documents show.

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