The Morning Call reported the horrific case involving a vulnerable nursing home resident being sexually molested by a caregiver. CNA Diane Wilson told a Lehigh County jury that she never saw a nurse touch a patient the way Robert Poindexter was allegedly touching a 50-year-old woman at Manor Care in Bethlehem on May 31, 2013.  Wilson is a the prosecution’s key witness in their case against Poindexter who is charged with several counts of aggravated indecent assault.

“I walked in and he was down on his knees,” Wilson said, describing Poindexter’s alleged hand movements. “I saw what he was doing and I just bugged and ran out of the room.”

The victim came to the nursing home in 2011 after suffering a brain aneurysm. She cannot speak and has very limited movement in her left arm and head. Because of this, staff placed a call button near her head so that she can roll onto it when she needs something, Wilson said.  Wilson testified that she saw the call light go on and went to the woman’s room. The door was suspiciously closed.  Wilson told the jury that she opened the door and was immediately surprised to see the woman’s bed in a flat position and lowered. The woman has a feeding tube, she explained, and needs to be upright at all times due to the risk of aspiration.

She said she got close enough to look over Poindexter’s should and saw the woman’s gown pulled up and diaper pulled down as he touched her.

“That’s what spooked me. I ran out,” she said.  Wilson told the jury that she was crying and hyperventilating after seeing the alleged crime.  “I was upset. I know what I saw,” she said. Wilson said she started crying and telling other nursing assistants what she saw, then began looking for her supervisor. Poindexter got to the supervisor first, she said, and told his side of the story.


Poindexter explained that he was on his knees because he had a back spasm while caring for the woman.


As Wilson described the alleged sex assault, the woman’s husband wept quietly in the courtroom audience.


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