SWNewsMedia reported the disturbing treatment of a nursing home resident by Wanda Bea Poston.  She is charged with criminal neglect and disorderly conduct against an elderly Alzheimer’s patient at the Lutheran Home nursing home.  Poston, allegedly hit, yelled at and aggressively washed an 86-year-old man on Jan. 30, 2015. The charges against her both are gross misdemeanors.

According to the Scott County District Court criminal complaint:

Nursing home staff reported the abuse to a Belle Plaine officer on Jan. 30, the evening the incident occurred. On Feb. 3, an officer went to the Lutheran Home and spoke with a social worker and two nursing assistants who witnessed the alleged abuse.

The two assistants said they were working with the elderly man the night of Jan. 30 and observed Poston in “several instances of aggressive and abusive language and behavior” toward the man. The behavior reportedly included washing the man’s genital area roughly “using a great amount of force,” yelling at him and hitting the man’s legs in the presence of the assistants.  Poston also allegedly threatened to spray the man in the face with body spray deodorant and repeatedly yelled at the man.

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