Arkansas Matters reported the courageous fight waged by Lisa Sanders who says her mother was over medicated, and not taken care of properly. According to Sanders, AHC overmedicated her mom and put her in dirty rooms. Some of the rooms, she said, had spiders all over the floor, and bugs crawling in her bed.  She’s also accusing a nursing home of abuse towards patients. Sanders says they are getting away with murder because the Arkansas Health Center (AHC) is state funded.  Her mother was sent to the hospital 37 times and now Lisa is taking legal action.

“They’re actually murdering people,” says Sanders.  “It’s very disheartening to know a state facility is not doing what they are supposed to do,” she adds.


The state run facility is evaluated by the Department of Human Services (DHS), Sanders says DHS covers deficiencies to keep the nursing home’s rating high.  “In the long term I hope nursing homes are held accountable privately or state. It doesn’t matter. They need to be held accountable,” says Sanders.

Home safe and sound, Lisa is now taking care of her mother herself.


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