NewsOK had an article on a CNA at Warr Acres Nursing Home arrested for neglect.  Her defense:  No one checked her work or cared if she got it done.  This is often what happens in nursing homes that are not properly staffed.  The caregivers are overworked, underpaid, and suffer burnout.  This leads to care not being provided and the residents suffer.

Kendra Leann Scott has been charged with neglect by caretaker, accused of ignoring the needs of a bed-bound resident who had soiled her clothing.  She told another caregiver she failed to clean up the patient because she knew no one cared or would check on her, according to a news release issued by Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt.

Scott worked the day shift. A night shift worker reported finding the neglected resident in bed with clothing and bedding soiled with feces and urine that appeared to have been there a long time.


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